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Can I eat shrimp if I have GERD?

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I've been diagnosed with GERD for about two months now and I'm still not sure what foods I can or cannot eat. I really love seafood and have been craving shrimp lately. Can I eat shrimp if I have GERD?
asked 4 years ago in Foods and Diet by louise60 (120 points)

2 Answers

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Yes! Because shrimp has so little fat it isn't likely to give you heartburn. It is a great way to ensure that you get enough protein in your meal without having to "chance it" with beef or pork (which always causes me heartburn). If you decide to fry it I recommend that you use olive oil.
answered 4 years ago by vincent27 (140 points)
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You will be glad to know that shrimp is definitely a GERD-friendly food option. Shrimp has very little fat and when prepared with as little oil (no frying!) as possible, it shouldn't upset your GERD. Just be careful when you prepare shrimp, as it can be easy to fall into the "pre-GERD" way of cooking, such as butter and garlic, lemon juice, or deep frying. Garlic, butter, lemon juice, and frying fat is very much likely to trigger a heartburn attack. Try boiling, steaming, or sautéing the shrimp. If you like you can even add a little grated ginger, which is actually good at preventing acid reflux.
answered 4 years ago by benjamin1 (140 points)

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