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Artificial sweetener and heartburn

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I've been having heartburn off and on for several months and have recently switched to diet soda.
I heard that too much sugar can cause heartburn so I was hoping that the switch to diet would improve my situation. I still seem to get heartburn, though.
Is artificial sweetener also bad for heartburn?
asked 4 years ago in Foods and Diet by Elinor82 (140 points)

3 Answers

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Hi Elinor,
Replacing regular sugar with artificial sweeteners is a mistake that a lot of people make.
Sugar, whether it's natural or artificial, is going to be processed the same way in the body. Artificial sweeteners are, for the most part, widely used in soda and other products because they are cheaper to use than pure cane sugar.
Try switching to non-carbonated and less sugary drinks. Drinking loads of water every day can have a big improvement on the occurrence of heartburn.
answered 4 years ago by Quinn_p (260 points)
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The problem may not necessarily be sugar versus artificial sweeteners, but more of a question of fizzy drinks altogether.

Yes sugar can trigger heartburn, but a factor much more likely to trigger heartburn is carbonation, which is a trait that all fizzy drinks have.
Carbonation can lead to excessive amounts of gas which can expand the stomach and cause you to burp (which can bring up stomach acid).
answered 4 years ago by Elissa78 (200 points)
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I have been having the same problem. I am currently doing research into if it is the artificial sweeteners or not. I have been drinking diet drinks for years and decided to switch to flavored water(the kind that you mix up in a 16 oz bottle) and I still got heartburn from the flavored water. I am going to keep a food diary of what I eat and drink and track when I have heartburn and when I don't and I hope that can narrow it down for me and my doctor. This just began happening 6 months ago. I have never suffered from heartburn before this.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous

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