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Can eating too much black pepper cause heartburn?

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I really love black pepper. I put it on just about everything, meats, vegetables, sauces and casseroles, etc. However, lately, I’ve been experiencing uncomfortable and painful bouts of heartburn every time I eat food with a lot of pepper on it. Can eating too much black pepper cause heartburn? Please answer.
asked 2 years ago in Foods and Diet by toto8 (310 points)

1 Answer

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 Yes, too much black pepper can cause heartburn. It does so because it helps to stimulate the body’s production of acid. This can lead to higher incidences of heartburn, especially for those more prone to it. To lessen your changes of experiencing heartburn, consider lightening up on the amount of black pepper you use and avoid eating it at night if you are having issues at bedtime.
Hope you find my answer useful.
answered 2 years ago by rabbi (390 points)

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