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       "Once" means "one shot," and "technology" means "skill." This term in the Japanese language. Frequently used in the Chinese variety show "the Serious Gagmen" that features some popular comedians, The term refers to the skill of making people laugh with a few brief words, moves or facial expressions.    The relevant person in charge of agriculture NongCunBu said that current, each district is organization submersion in agricultural machinery spare no efforts in disaster relief, at the same time to carry out early rush in the harvest, late rice rob, autumn grain field management, such as production, promoting application of animal husbandry, aquaculture and agricultural mechanization of pretreating and other new technology and new equipment, to firmly seize the annual grain harvest, pays special attention to the livestock like pigs and other major agricultural products and stable yield for mechanized provide strong support.

      Taking the opportunity of transforming the science and technology financial holding platform, Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. keeps optimizing the stock, expanding the increment, continuously improving the capital strength and service ability of financial enterprises, and making Guoxin Securities, High-tech Investment Group and Guarantee Group into leading enterprises in the industry. Acquisition of Guoren Insurance to expand science and technology insurance business; Shenzhen Asset Management Company was newly established to build a financial risk mitigation platform with non-performing asset management as the core. Managing and operating shenzhen Angel Fund with a scale of 10 billion yuan, there are 43 funds of various types in the whole system, with a total scale of 98 billion yuan, forming a fund group covering the whole development life cycle of angel fund, VC/PE, M&A and other enterprises. Since 2018, the company has actively implemented the municipal government's "400 billion Yuan" plan and the rescue mission, providing financial support for private enterprises in terms of equity and debt. This summer vacation, the Party Committee and office of South Australia carried out public art training in 9 communities, such as calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, dance and swimming, in the form of "people order food and the government pays the bill" through the micro-practical platform for people's livelihood, so as to accurately meet the needs of the masses. This summer vacation, the party working committee and office of south Australia carried out public art training for residents in 9 communities in the form of "people ordering food and the government paying the bill" through the micro practical platform for people's livelihood, aiming to precisely meet the needs of the masses and obtain the consensus of the masses. It is reported that in 2020, South Australia will invest 18.26 million yuan to implement 213 micro-practical projects for people's livelihood, including 148 service projects, serving about 5,000 residents. Diet, this kind of patients should drink more water, as far as possible to avoid hot pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper and other dry goods, eat less Fried food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as: pear, radish, lotus root, honey and so on; To prevent dental caries and oral infections. On rest and rest, patients should pay attention to rest and keep warm. Fatigue, cold, long-term fatigue and lack of sleep will aggravate the disease, the patient should moderately reduce work, relax mood, avoid emotional backlog. Patients with gout should "keep their mouth shut", which can effectively control purine intake and reduce the risk of disease. The expert introduces, when early autumn, still should be in order to invigorate the spleen to change wet give rise to, especially god tired force, mouth sticky mouth bitter, facial greasy, indigestion, stool sticky greasy person is applicable, such as edible codonopsis foebles millet congee, Chinese yam yellow essence congee, Gordon Gordon paste, astragalus chicken soup stew, etc. The census adopted Internet cloud technology, cloud services and cloud application deployment, conducted security management in accordance with the national three-level guarantee of network security, and built a solid data security guarantee barrier. In the process of data acquisition and processing, perfect safety management mechanism, safety protection system and safety audit mechanism are established. In the development of application system, a variety of security technologies are used. The mobile end and the server end adopt strict data encryption and desensitization technology. The whole process of data transmission is encrypted to ensure that the personal information of citizens will not be disclosed in the Internet channel and ensure the security of the personal information of citizens. In 2020, Ping An Ranked the 21st in the world with the operating revenue of us $184.28 billion, up 8 places from last year, ranking the 2nd in the global financial enterprises, the 5th in China's listed enterprises, and the 1st in mainland China's mixed ownership enterprises continuously. It is also the highest ranked company in the list. Rising up the list is what HAT's other two companies have in common. Huawei entered the top 500 list for the first time at 394, and only entered the top 100 in 2017 at 83. Despite challenges last year, Huawei maintained its upward momentum, breaking into the top 50 for the first time this year from 61 last year to 49 this year. After 19 years in the top 500, Tencent ranks 197 this year, up 40 places from last year.

      It is important to be careful not to use narcotic drugs. After being bitten by a snake, the wound should be repeatedly washed with clean water, cold water and other water according to local conditions after ligation or expansion. If possible, 1∶1000 potassium permanganate solution, antofu or normal saline can be used to wash the residual venom of the wound. In addition, experts also said that poisonous snakes have fangs and glands, which can secrete their own venom of different toxin properties. The venom is absorbed through lymphatic vessels, then enters the vein near the heart, and then spreads throughout the body, causing a series of poisoning symptoms and, in severe cases, death. So it's important to get to the hospital immediately after a snake bite. Many venomous snakes (e.g., silver rings, cobras, etc.) have toxins that can kill within an hour or two. As the saying goes, "radish in winter, ginger in summer, without the doctor's prescription." So why eat ginger in summer? What are the benefits? In this issue, Doctor Xie Liandi from The Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine tells us about eating ginger in summer. First of all, march in summer is a fire. In hot summer, Yang qi in the human body also complies with nature, rising and floating and diffusing from the body surface, while Yang Qi in the body is relatively weak. As the ancients said: "in May, Yang qi in the surface, the stomach empty cold." The fifth lunar month is the fifth lunar month. To cope with the weakness of Yang qi in the body, the summer diet should reduce the bitter taste, and choose some spicy food, such as: ginger, fennel, scallion white to balance the internal organs and Yin and Yang. It is understood that since this year, Futian District has taken the initiative to plan and advance the layout. In April, it raised the first batch of 60 "Four new" major projects, with a total investment of 40.9 billion yuan and an annual investment of nearly 7.4 billion yuan. It has not only pressed the "fast forward" button for major project construction in the area, but also injected fresh impetus to the "double-zone drive" construction. We will promote "new infrastructure" and build a demonstration city of "digital governance" in China. It involves projects such as 5G infrastructure, smart future residential areas, smart hospitals, and smart transportation, upgrading digital urban infrastructure, and improving the carrying capacity of smart city hardware and software. We will stimulate "new consumption" and build a smart business center in the Greater Bay Area. We will foster new types of consumption and upgrade consumption, and build a brand of "all-domain intelligent business circle". Make breakthroughs in "new science and technology" and build a technology-led central innovation zone. Relying on the major platform of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, the most competitive innovation units such as national laboratories are introduced. We will upgrade "new manufacturing" and build a high-end industrial center for demonstration zones. China has established a number of state-level innovation centers in the manufacturing industry, and explored the "headquarters + base" model of coordinated industrial development.   

      The sub-district office will check the family economic situation of the object that obtains the minimum living guarantee at least once every half a year, and conduct investigation and assessment at least once a year. The district civil affairs department organizes an investigation and verification according to the review situation, and according to the review results make a decision of increasing, reducing or suspending the issuance of security funds. If the relevant departments find the illegal ACTS of defrauding the rescue funds, materials or services, they shall stop the payment of the minimum living security funds and promptly transfer them to the district civil affairs departments for handling according to law. "CD action, start from me", a striking CD banner, hanging in the event site, the activity personnel and public visitors can sign on the banner, join the "CD action" together, strict economy, refused to "leftover" dinner. In order to improve the consciousness of the citizens and tourists thrift, event by setting the "CD style highlights wall", show the new CD promotion in recent years to the public and action, creating the atmosphere of CD, and five of JiaoChang tail scenic spot awards the "CD" outstanding businesses, catering enterprises to actively participate in the disc. After the launch ceremony, Dapeng New District city management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau director Gao Hong personally led the bureau party members in the scenic area to carry out the "CD action" publicity, called on the citizens to practice economy, eating CD civilized behavior.    "The significance of Gaoxin North area to the future development of Pingshan is self-evident. We do a good job of land reconditioning in Gaoxin North area, is to leave space for the future innovative development of Pingshan." The main leaders of Kengzi office have a very clear understanding of the significance of Gaoxin North Area for future development. Draw lessons from successful experience, intensive reorganization (re-examination) kengzi street quickly formulate the key project of 2020) down the one hundred - day battle intensive reorganization (re-examination) work plan, comprehensive build a command as a whole the global negotiation signing, five, six negotiating groups working group (finish of "1 + 6 + 5" dismantle the whole combat system, and realize the decision-making, signing and crucial synchronous propulsion, perfect the all-in shard work week, the implementation of "one owner a plan" inversion period, wall charts combat mode. Maintain the intensity, adhere to the "one week scheduling", to ensure the work effect.

         We will carry out the "three one-hundred projects". It is the first "three hundred" project in the city. It is planned to set up 100 community chief expert studios in the whole region within three years, train 100 chief general practitioners and 100 chief general practitioners nurses, and systematically improve the diagnosis and treatment level and service capacity of social health centers. Implement the "Six standards" construction. Namely, standardization of construction, identification, equipment, service, management and remuneration, to improve the hardware level and overall image of the hospital. Fully carry out 2000 kinds of nanshan district medicine advantage prescription. Break the grading diagnosis and two-way referral bottleneck, drug catalogue included all the members of the group unit, expansion of the clubs, center drug directory, at the center of the club, drugs increased from 460 to 2000, using regional alliance, community residents in the center of the club, can enjoy the homogeneity and tertiary hospital medical services and medical supplies more preferential services.   

      At the same time, guangdong street also held a boutique characteristic community creation report defense training. Communities around the "systematic and quality, the characteristic" create demand, combined with the epidemic prevention and control, the party lead the community governance reform, big stage "small community" case selection such as the key work report created the situation, the leaders, experts, scholars, questions and comments on the site, helping communities to summarize experience, refining, and in the process of interaction between defense secretary for communities decide questions and ideas. Quality characteristics of the community to create work since 2019, guangdong street community party construction as the lead, guided by the demands of the people's livelihood, to build the work for the gripper, actively play a role of central party committee, fully mobilize multivariate main body strength, promote management refinement, service, accuracy, and the preliminary implementation work sharing of community governance. For example, Houhai community set up a self-regulatory alliance of merchants to make the pet street "clean and refreshing"; The community of Shenzhen University makes full use of the 3C linkage platform between society, school and enterprise to strengthen resource sharing and diversified integration. The "Enterprise trade Union Alliance" was established in Maling community with the help of party construction to promote two-way service and mutual assistance between the community and enterprises for win-win results. Nanyou community excavates and inherits the spirit of "frontier cattle" and promotes "frontier cattle" veteran party members to participate in community governance services; The science and technology park community has established the Park co-governance Alliance, which has effectively maintained fair competition  During the "Third Summer" period, 16.4 million sets of various agricultural machinery and tools were invested in various regions, among which 276,000 combine harvesters participated in cross-regional operations. The mechanized sowing rate of spring corn in northern China was nearly 97%, that of early rice in southern China was up by nearly 6 percentage points to 42%, and that of winter wheat was up to 97%. Among them, the mechanized sowing rate of winter wheat and summer corn in Huang-Huai-Hai region was 99% and 93% respectively, and the mechanization level of the whole process of summer harvest, summer seed and summer pipe was further improved. "The harvester, which is equipped with the automatic driving assistance system, was used in the wheat harvest in Jinan for the first time this year, achieving high precision positioning, automatic path planning and unmanned walking. Can achieve harvesting specifications, accurate, reduce the "running leakage", to ensure that the grain warehouse. Zhou Jun, deputy director of the Agricultural machinery Bureau of Changqing District, Jinan city, Shandong Province, said. The supply of housing for Poyu Bantian, Bijia Xuehao, Guanyu Henglu store and other 30 projects (stores), distributed in Bantian, Buji, Nanwan, Pinghu, Longcheng and other 9 streets. Face COVID - 19 outbreak of longgang economic shocks, longgang district housing and construction bureau to carry out district party committee government support enterprises to return to work and production work, initiative, reduce business costs, especially for advanced manufacturing make greater efforts to support innovative housing raise path, adopt the mode of cooperation "lease" increase housing supply, and raise social housing stock as talent housing, rent through the government subsidies to longgang district talent supply, effective definitely longgang employment personnel housing security requirements within their respective jurisdictions.

         According to the guidelines, within a certain period of time in the same dormitory, class or campus, the number of students with similar symptoms associated with epidemiology reaches or exceeds a certain number of cases, that is, the early-warning indicators are reached. Similar symptoms include fever, cough, headache, sore throat, parotid enlargement, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, dizziness, fatigue, conjunctival congestion, etc.  It is reported that boya art space covers an area of 4500 square meters, divided into self-run area and joint area. The self-run area includes the Boya Hall, the Boya art bookstore and the Boya Art Gallery. Among them, the Hall mainly inherits and conserves the traditional culture, including the purchase and appreciation of the four Treasures of the Study, purple sand ceramics, calligraphy and painting collection, etc. The liberal Arts Bookstore mainly focuses on book reading, art and creative purchasing, salon lectures, and open social contacts. The book categories cover art, humanities and social sciences, literature, economics and management, children's books, etc., and will provide free courses and cultural salons from time to time. The Boya Art Museum can carry out various forms of art, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, lectures, etc. And the joint venture area introduced well-known cultural brands, including yamaha, netease radiating electronic music college, the museum of art, X23 coffee, and so on, radiation surrounding young groups. & have spent

      Gained widespread acclaim, nanshan district medical group practice reform mode in the international top medical journal the lancet, was invited to the national health committee of the national health management personnel at the grass-roots level professional training course ", the international high-end BBS in general medicine, National People's Congress at the "leading demonstration BBS" platform to introduce experience, get the "powers" study platform, shenzhen special zone daily, southern daily, etc. The depth of more than 20 media widely reported. It has been praised by the National Health Commission, recognized by the municipal party committee and government leaders, and approved by the main leaders of the district Committee and government.