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        However, Mr Dimon said he was encouraged by signs that the spread of the epidemic was slowing in some states and that the US would finally contain it. He thinks the US will eventually win the war, and predicts that unemployment will fall to around 7 per cent or less by 2021. Analysts believe that the two parties on the stimulus policy negotiations in the United States after a series of twists and turns, now still in a stalemate, affecting the economic recovery. Experts also question whether Mr. Trump can successfully implement his executive order and whether it will go far enough. Taken together, and given the persistence of the epidemic, the road to economic recovery in the United States remains difficult. The dollar has fallen since late May and there have been recent signs of a stabilizing rebound, but the scope for a rebound may remain limited and investors need to be wary. In recent years, the United States has played the China card whenever it comes to elections. This time, Trump is playing politics. Throughout Taiwan card &; To send a minister to Taiwan just for the sake of his election situation is to provoke China. If China retaliates violently at the political level, it would be tantamount to campaigning for Trump, which is what Trump likes.  

       If OPEC does not opt for a quick return to daily crude production, oil prices are expected to break above their 2019 high of $61 a barrel. However, in the short and medium term, there is a persistent crude oil shock, and even a certain extent of the possibility of correction. The key point is the European economy, where inflation is 0.4%, and the American economy, where inflation is 0.6%, both of which are close to deflation. With the latest unemployment rate of 10.2% in America and 7.8% in the euro area, the higher the unemployment rate, the more qe the central bank does to the recovery. If monetary policy were to fail, how would the Economies of Europe and America be saved?  The rich summit and forum have brought more in-depth and professional content support to both exhibitions, presenting the proper appearance of professional exhibitions in details. Behind the rich conference and forum setting, shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is strong. Hard power & throughout; He gave perfect support. The standard exhibition hall with a single area of 20,000 square meters and a clear height of 16 meters will provide exhibitors with the maximum flexibility to arrange the exhibition space. The single-storey, column-free and large-span exhibition halls can be flexibly combined to meet the needs of exhibitions of various sizes. The convention and Exhibition Center is equipped with more than 150 conference Spaces of various types, rich functions and complete equipment, with a total area of 34,000 square meters. It is arranged in the three areas of standard exhibition hall, super large exhibition hall, special exhibition hall and login hall according to the principle of proximity and classification, to adapt to conferences and activities of different sizes, levels and levels, allowing two events. The exhibition will take place during the exhibition. The large-scale exhibition can be fully held space, enjoy professional conference facilities, and further enhance the exhibition experience. It was a rare time of leisure. Paulson recalled that he and his family got up early every day to visit historic sites in Beijing. One day, he even invited a Chinese taijiquan master to teach the whole family taijiquan. At Paulson & LdQuo; Steal a half day off from life. At that time, on the other side of the ocean, the American subprime mortgage storm was developing in depth: Wall Street was in danger, and the two American mortgage giants were in danger. & ndash; FannieMae (FNM) and FreddieMac (FreddieMac) were on the verge of collapse for the previous four quarters. Fannie mae and Freddie MAC & throughout; Losses hit $14 billion and the stock price plunged nearly 90 percent.

      , successfully avoided loss of 654,300 yuan. In this regard, the Securities regulatory Commission to its "no penalty two" administrative penalty, the final pyo. Although Sun proposed that his relationship with Wang Zhenhua was only a "cooperative relationship", they had known each other for more than ten years, and wang Zhenhua invited Sun To discuss countermeasures after the victim's family reported to the police. The relationship between the two was really fascinating. Wang Zhenhua was convicted of child molestation on June 17 and sentenced to five years in prison. However, on July 10, information from the Shanghai No. 2 Middle School court showed that Both Wang Zhenhua and another defendant had filed an appeal and were registered. Such an act for A time caused an uproar in the market, Wang Zhenhua's A shares, Hong Kong shares two listed companies quickly evaporated market value, suffered A "stock and bond double kill" situation, was evaluated by netizens as one of the "biggest black swans" this year. Wang Zhenhua was detained on suspicion of crimes on July 2, 2019; On July 10, The Putuo District People's Procuratorate of Shanghai approved the arrest of wang Zhenhua and Zhou Yanfen on suspicion of child molestation.   Analysis: Sleep disorders cause the brain to be unable to effectively clear toxic metabolic wastes (such as A and Tau proteins) from the brain, increasing the risk of AD by about 70%. The relationship between sleep time and AD is U-shaped, and sleep deprivation at night (& LT; 4 hours) or too much sleep (& GT; 10 hours) can increase the risk of AD; Sleep apnea, insomnia, daytime dysfunction (such as frequent sleepiness during the day), and spending too much time in bed also increase the risk of AD. Cause analysis: Peripheral insulin resistance in diabetics causes A decrease in insulin levels in the brain that interferes with A clearance, increasing the risk of AD by approximately 70%. Even if the diagnostic criteria of diabetes are not met, abnormal levels of blood glucose, glycated hemoglobin and insulin will increase the risk of dementia. Among them, when the fasting blood glucose level is greater than 7.75mmol/L, the risk of dementia will increase by 20%. Standardized hypoglycemic treatment may reduce the risk of dementia.  

       China needs to be on high alert because now Trump has gone off the deep end and can do anything. Even though this is a seven-wound punch and the US itself has been badly hurt, trump doesn't care. Not long ago, Academician Zhang Fusuo and a number of agricultural University teachers held a meeting to discuss the next development direction of science and technology academy. Wang said that the 1.0 version of the academy will mainly serve agriculture and farmers, promote the quality and efficiency of agricultural products, and increase farmers' production and income. The 2.0 version of science and technology courtyard is the development of service industry, promoting the green development of the whole agricultural production chain; The 3.0 version of the science and technology courtyard is to promote rural revitalization through the integration of three industries. Why should science and technology courtyard exist, why should the students go to the countryside to face various kinds of difficulties? Zhang Hongyan said: "To solve the difficulties of people's livelihood, we must first understand and then solve them. How can we understand if we are not in the countryside? The countryside is backward, agriculture is existence problem, the more so we have to manage more! If we make the farmers' life easier, the whole national economy will rise to a higher level." Ing bank expects the Federal Reserve of New Zealand to keep its policy rate unchanged. However, the likelihood that the RNZ will decide to adjust the size and form of its QUANTITATIVE easing programme and increase monetary stimulus before bond issuance peaks has increased, and the impact of an interest rate decision on the NZ dollar is likely to be roughly balanced. Neutral on the New Zealand dollar, it is expected to trade in a range of 0.6560 to 0.6660 in the coming week, with a target price of 0.6700. More than 4 trillion yuan of financial resources have been allocated to key areas and weak links in economic and social development, including through insurance guarantee, loan provision, creditor's rights and equity plan and inclusive finance, so as to comprehensively boost the development of the real economy. For example, Ping An Group and Guangdong Provincial government jointly initiated the establishment of 150 billion yuan & LDQuo; Guangdong Ping An development Service, smart city Construction of five ecological circles. By providing innovative products and services to the market, the company's technology business grew rapidly, with total revenue up 27.1% year-on-year to 82.09 billion yuan. By the end of last year, the group had nearly 110,000 employees engaged in science and technology business, 35,000 r&d personnel and 2,600 scientists. The number of ping An Technology patent applications totaled 21,383. Fintech and digital healthcare are the world's largest and second largest public patent applications, respectively, with a combined value of $69.1bn for technology companies.

      Delisting system: mainly increase the arrangement of red - chip enterprises. The gem registration system reform has mainly improved the delisting mechanism and speeded up the clearance of inferior enterprises. Contrast science and innovation board, mainly increased the arrangement of red - chip enterprises. Through the above comparison, we can see that the gem in listing audit, sponsor, issuance, trading, supervision, delisting and many other levels, has basically completed the integration with science and technology innovation board. Looking forward to the future, Guosheng Securities Zhang Qiyao team that the GEM is expected to gradually technological innovation. From the perspective of industry distribution, both of them account for the highest proportion of information technology, gem registration system companies VS technology innovation board: 36%VS43%. Health care industry accounted for a large difference, gem registration system companies VS science and innovation board: 6%VS23%.    Measures and Suggestions: learn to self-regulate, talk reasonably to eliminate negative emotions and negative thinking, and establish positive psychological coping methods. People with depression should seek medical advice and try a combination of antidepressant medication such as mindfulness meditation, aerobic exercise, and psychotherapy. Action suggestion: Keep a positive and optimistic attitude. When mental or physical tension is high or obvious symptoms of anxiety appear, self-adjustment, relaxation training, meditation training, cognitive behavioral therapy, music therapy, physical or drug therapy can be conducted under the guidance of a physician. Causal analysis: Higher school attendance before age 30 reduced the risk of AD by 51%, and for each additional year of schooling, the risk of AD decreased by 7%. Improved education may reduce the risk of dementia by improving an individual's lifestyle, socioeconomic status, and cognitive reserve. The number of mass shootings in The United States hit a record high in the past three months, according to the Nonprofit Archives of Gun Violence: 56 in May, the highest number in the three months since the statistics began. In June and July, there were 92 and 76 mass shootings respectively. Behind this heavy figure is "a disturbing but unambiguous fact that most people still underestimate the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic", said the Financial Times earlier this month. "The long-term impact could be even more profound". It is worth mentioning that it took 86 days for the total number of confirmed coVID-19 cases worldwide to increase from 1 million to 10 million. It took 44 days to go from 10m to 20m. Concern is growing about the speed with which the virus is spreading.

      Measures and Suggestions: Early screening of abnormal blood sugar population, lifestyle intervention, active prevention of diabetes. Patients with diabetes should take medicine as prescribed by doctors and control all indicators within the normal range. Meanwhile, changes in their cognitive function should be closely monitored. Recommended reasons: To maintain a healthy lifestyle, rational drug use, maintain a good state of the cerebrovascular system, and avoid atherosclerosis, cerebral hypoperfusion or other cerebrovascular diseases; Patients with stroke, especially those with cerebral microhemorrhage, should be closely monitored for changes in their cognitive function, and effective preventive measures should be taken to protect their cognitive function. Measures and Suggestions: middle-aged and elderly susceptible people should control the risk factors of cerebrovascular diseases, such as smoking, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc., through changes in drugs and lifestyle. Cerebrovascular disease patients should be actively prevented and treated. Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, said: "It may take a catalyst like the FALL in the US stock market to generate the necessary political will to pass legislation." Earlier, Mr McConnell said in an interview that the talks were "deadlocked". For now, Mr Trump's order could help avoid a bigger fall in US stocks. "Even if, miraculously, all of these measures were implemented, going back to the beginning of this month, they would only boost the economy by $400bn by the end of the year," Mr Zandi said. That is well below my estimate of $1.5 trillion needed to avoid a recession.  The system of issuance and listing is roughly the same as that of science and technology innovation board. The differences are as follows: 1) In terms of the pricing method, compared with the way that the technology Innovation board company must determine the issuing price from the fund company and other offline investors in the IPO with the inquiry method, the GEM retains the direct pricing method; 2) In terms of the risk of being locked up while participating in the new issuance, the GEM directly writes into the "Rules of Issuance and Underwriting Business" the restricted period of no less than 6 months for 10% of the securities issued offline, which is more mandatory; 3) On the threshold of holding market value of an offline investor account, the GEM still only requires a market value threshold of 10 million; 4) When the IPO scale exceeds 100 million shares, the GROWTH Enterprise Board can accommodate more strategic investors than the Science Innovation Board. Different from the science Innovation Board, the growth Enterprise Board only implements the system of compulsory co-investment by sponsors related subsidiaries for unprofitable enterprises, enterprises with special shareholding structure, red-chip enterprises and high-priced issuing enterprises. The chief executive of jpmorgan Chase has warned that the US still has a long way to go before it recovers from the current recession. "Things have moved to the point where we expect a 75 per cent chance that the bill will be introduced in August, but there is at least a 25 per cent chance that negotiations will stall and start again in September," Henrietta Treyz, head of economic policy research at Veda Partners, said in a report. If there is too much pressure, there is a 35 percent chance that the bill will be delayed until September." Ndash; Wednesday A shares early trading, gold shares sharply back. Chifeng Gold (SS:600988) fell by its daily limit, WHILE ZHONGjin Gold (SS:600489) fell by 7%. Shandong Gold (SS:600547), Yuguang Gold lead (SS:600531), Zijin Mining (SS:601899) and Laofengxiang (SS:600612) all fell by more than 5%. In July 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and NBSP; The All-China Supply and Marketing Cooperation Federation issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of A Socialized Service System for Agricultural Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions), encouraged universities and research institutes to carry out intellectual services for rural revitalization, and put forward innovative service models such as small science and technology academies. If The Chinese want to keep their rice bowls firmly in their own hands, what can young people do? Students at the academy of Science and Technology are trying to come up with their own answers, splashing their youth, wisdom, sweat and tears over chicken manure, Onions, carrots, corn and more. "As these drivers lose momentum, the rally is giving up some of its gains," Melek said. Real interest rates and nominal yields are rising and the dollar is off its lows on stimulus optimism and risk appetite." 1. According to real-time data of Worldometers, as of 0600 hours on August 12, Beijing time, novel Coronavirus confirmed 20.46 million cases, 224,069 to 2,0469,648 new cases, 740,000 deaths and 5272 new cases to 743,574 new cases. Novel Coronavirus confirmed cases in the United States amounted to nearly 5.3 million, with an increase of 47,893 cases to 5299,339 cases. There were 167,000 deaths, with 1,245 new cases to 167,437. Of confirmed cases of more than 100000 countries around the world to 26, from more to less sort order for the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Iran, UK, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Germany, France, Iraq, Canada, the Philippines, Indonesia, Qatar and kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the latest country to have more than 100,000. So far, the number of confirmed cases in Egypt, Ecuador and Bolivia has exceeded 90,000, with 95,666, 94,701 and 91,635 reported respectively.   

         Analysis: Sleep disorders cause the brain to be unable to effectively clear toxic metabolic wastes (such as A and Tau proteins) from the brain, increasing the risk of AD by about 70%. The relationship between sleep time and AD is U-shaped, and sleep deprivation at night (& LT; 4 hours) or too much sleep (& GT; 10 hours) can increase the risk of AD; Sleep apnea, insomnia, daytime dysfunction (such as frequent sleepiness during the day), and spending too much time in bed also increase the risk of AD. Cause analysis: Peripheral insulin resistance in diabetics causes A decrease in insulin levels in the brain that interferes with A clearance, increasing the risk of AD by approximately 70%. Even if the diagnostic criteria of diabetes are not met, abnormal levels of blood glucose, glycated hemoglobin and insulin will increase the risk of dementia. Among them, when the fasting blood glucose level is greater than 7.75mmol/L, the risk of dementia will increase by 20%. Standardized hypoglycemic treatment may reduce the risk of dementia.   

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"Instead of taking meaningful action, such as immediately repealing the national security law [in Place in Hong Kong] and halting the systematic repression of uighurs, China has chosen to respond with such symbolic and ineffective actions [referring to sanctions against Americans]," White House spokeswoman McEnany said at a briefing on Monday afternoon local time. "The President is determined to stand up to China and will continue to do so." McKenney said. She did not say whether the U.S. government would respond. Separately, ON Monday, U.S. President Donald Trump said again that the first phase of the trade deal would mean "very little." He added: "I don't know if I want another deal with China."

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The digital operation of SHENZHEN International Convention and Exhibition Center has contributed a lot to the splendid exhibition, which has also left a deep impression on the visitors. Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, together with Huawei, China Telecom and Tencent, will build an efficient and intelligent digital service platform, and comprehensively introduce new technologies such as face recognition and artificial intelligence. Technology & throughout; & other; Wisdom & throughout; The elements go deep into every detail of the exhibition; As the world's first super large exhibition hall with full coverage of 5G mobile communication, SHENZHEN International Convention and Exhibition Center has an optional network with adjustable bandwidth, which can meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors to access the Internet during large-scale exhibitions and provide convenient network conditions for the linkage of live broadcast and short video of the double exhibition venues. The intelligent conference system digitizes 150+ meeting rooms of the venue and ensures the efficient and smooth operation of different conferences. Intelligent security provides an integrated guarantee for intelligent security, intelligent monitoring and command and dispatch, which further optimizes the on-site experience of exhibitors and exhibition customers. ....

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Zhi-zhong zheng, founder of the academy director committee member, ShangHai skin doctors group, professor at the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with skin venereal honorary director of the professional committee members, ShangHai skin doctors group founder WenHai professor, doctor Chen can group founder da-yu sun, a professor at the fudan university, huashan hospital were treated with radiation wave Wang Enmin professor, director of the center, Shanghai's executive director professor CAI jiangnan in the healthy development of the research institute, and real group, the Yangtze river on the joint investment, China kechuang financial union, citic industrial investment group, softbank China, fresh air, tao tong investment, big sates capital, share investment principal. General assembly by the founder of springfield medical tube, former dean of health care of the first penetration Duan Tao professor, presided over the first published "China women's and children's medical institutions, the white paper (2020), and with white paper run Mr Chen Enle, GE medical financial group, China and Asia Pacific President and chief executive of ms Ye Yongmei respectively made a wonderful speech. ....

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According to Business Insider, Andrew Bates, the Biden campaign's director of rapid response, responded to Mr Trump's remarks by saying: "China's position is stronger in every way because of Donald Trump's defeat, while the US's position is lower." "Trump is the weakest President in THE history of the United States against China," he said. ....