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      Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst"  Who's buying weird ice cream? Ten yuan a "high cold" ice cream sell well? Ji 'nan people eat ice cream, not just a picture of "quench one's thirst" Zhang Hongcai, who is responsible for interior decoration, took 3 employees to transform waterways. He worked from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and finally transformed the water pipes after 4 days of intensive work. Circuit modification is not easy either. There are railroad tracks near the building, and underground cables and pipelines are dense. Zhao Dong, who is responsible for the transformation of the power system, said: To protect the equipment, we had to lie on our hands and knees and check the pipes carefully when we buried the poles. Time is tight, the task is urgent, we race against time, not a complaint. Throughout the &; At the same time, with the closure of abuja, staff members went door to door with special passes to buy materials from businesses. Other project departments of the company also quickly sent much-needed supplies: The Abuja Terminal project department sent scaffolding, floor paint and cables; Kano project sent a medical screen; The operations department dug out the plumbing materials from the warehouse. & other; In order to build the disinfection room of steel structure, we tore down the original security room and finally gathered the building materials & Hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Zhang GUI, who was in charge of the new disinfection room, recalled. Yesterday afternoon, luo Wenzhi, director of the standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress led a team to investigate the work of the People's Congress in Nanshan District.

         The first thing to note is that Zhao Qichen's class is the innovation class of the school, and even the last one in this kind of class may be real. A student with high academic performance. . In this sense, & lsquo; Poor students; Second & lsquo; Students with excellent academic performance Throughout the &; The saying is not accurate, "high school often take an examination of the last boy admitted to Tsinghua" title, easy to make a person misunderstanding. But even in the innovation class, very few get into Tsinghua. In other words, Zhao Qichen, who entered the innovation class at the beginning, was indeed a ldquo; Throughout the underachiever &; Can rush from the bottom of the class to the second in the school, behind. The reverse is true. Undoubtedly, it has reference value.  

      Martin said the relevant person in charge of the street, next, Martin street will hold more activities, various forms, rich in content to deepen the understanding residents of health literacy knowledge, vigorously popularizing health knowledge, health concept, improve the level of district residents health literacy and health, boost the sixth session of the national civilized city construction. The surge in user demand also drives the iteration and innovation of online education institutions. At present, online courses are no longer as simple as playing recorded videos online. The development of technology has provided a solid guarantee for online education. One-to-one video teaching, online famous teacher lecturing + offline teacher tutoring are mature models. The application of artificial intelligence, big data and other emerging technologies in online classroom is also gradually deepening. & other; The online education industry has accumulated in technology, data, mode and other aspects. In the future, it will further promote the digitalization, intelligentization, personalization and popularization of education. Throughout the &; Online education institutions work to help the relevant person in charge said. Raza, the written judgment, according to the prosecution Shanghai information technology co., LTD., referred to in the lawsuit, in accordance with the ordered two defendants (i.e., Beijing three fast online technology co., LTD. And Beijing three fast science and technology co., LTD.) immediately stop ACTS of unfair competition, including but not limited to immediately stop trashing the plaintiff goodwill, false propaganda behavior, stop bullying means taken by various of merchants to force the use of the defendant's exclusive service behavior, etc. At the same time, it also requests that the two defendants be ordered to compensate the plaintiff for economic losses and reasonable expenses incurred to stop the defendant's unfair competition behavior, totaling 1 million yuan, and bear all the litigation costs of the case. Building cultural and ecological beauty is always on the way. Only when we aim high, pursue excellence, and constantly raise the benchmark and exert pressure on ourselves, can we make the movement of humanity and ecology never end, and make this city fragrant with people and culture. To realize the social ecological beauty, we must grasp the harmonious relationship between people and between people and society, and we cannot do without the construction and improvement of urban governance system and governance capacity. In this way, the people who live in the city can live in greater peace and happiness, which makes the city more attractive. Urban governance system is a highly complex system, which involves many dimensions and elements. The vision & throughout; . The 11th Plenary Session of the 11th Municipal Committee of the CPC put forward that, in order to meet the internal demand of jinan's urban development transformation from spatial expansion to high-quality development, promote 

      Zhang Xiaoquan recently submitted a prospectus to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to sprint for the growth enterprise Market. If successful, Zhang Xiaoquan will become the first a-share knives listed companies. In 2006, & other; Zhang Xiaoquan & throughout; Ministry of Commerce identified as the first batch of Time-honored brands in China. All the time, Zhang Xiaoquan enjoys high popularity and good reputation in China. There is no denying that the time-honored enterprises have stories, stories and feelings, but it is not just the top of the head that gets the capital market pass. Old & throughout; The halo, but also has to be a solid profit. According to the prospectus, by the end of last year, Zhang Xiaoquan had total assets of about 520 million yuan. From 2017 to 2019, its operating income increased year by year, which was 340 million yuan, 410 million yuan and 480 million yuan respectively, and its net profit was 488.4 billion yuan, 438 billion yuan and 723 billion yuan respectively. Last year, it achieved leap-forward growth. In addition, after dongbei Da Board entered Jinan in 2014, it was also popular. In The Store of Rt-Mart, some products of Dongbei Da board were bought, but there was no time to replenish the goods.    National WeiJianWei departments after the National People's Congress on behalf of the Suggestions for speeding up cheap life-saving medicines supply safeguard measures ", according to the reply in recent years, the state administration of market regulation sustained price supervision and anti-monopoly law enforcement in the field of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug, investigate a API antitrust case, impose economic sanctions against more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, in the case of active pharmaceutical ingredients including chlorpheniramine maleate, glacial acetic acid, different umbilical, estazolam, and many other varieties. In a specific case, in April this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation fined a total of 325.5 million yuan to three calcium gluconate drug distributors, which attracted wide attention in the industry. State administration of market supervision and management of the web site shows that conway pharmaceutical co., LTD., shandong weifang PuYunHui pharmaceutical co., LTD., weifang sun pharmaceutical co., LTD and other three companies in August 2015 to December 2017 abuse in China with calcium gluconate injection API sales market dominant position, by underwriting and buy in large quantities or require production enterprises are not foreign sales, the injectable calcium gluconate was controlled by the API sales market.

        The three-year Action Plan of Hunan Province for Promoting the Construction of Hunan-Kiangsi Border Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone (2020& MDash;2022) was recently published on the website of Hunan Provincial People's Government. The Basic Public Service Guarantee Project. Part of the proposed to promote balanced development of education. We will support the development of higher education in the region and promote the construction of Qianxuesen University of Science and Technology in Liuyang city (tentatively named). Zhu Qingshi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said many times that the goal of South University of Science and Technology is to answer the question. Question from Qian Xuesen. . Therefore, as early as 2009, a netizen suggested on the message board of local leaders of People's Daily online that the south University of Science and Technology, which was still under construction at that time, should be renamed As Qian Xuesen University of Science and Technology. Shenzhen Municipal Government General Office information Office reply: Recently, we have set up a special team to pay attention to and study the opinions and Suggestions of netizens' friends. Throughout the &; In the first half of this year, Exports of Chilean mining products to China rose 13.8 per cent year on year. A research report points out that China's economic recovery and demand recovery are important factors driving the rebound of Latin American countries' raw material exports. The number of freight trains and the volume of goods dispatched to China and Europe increased significantly compared with the same period last year. The China-Europe team has brought epidemic prevention and production materials to Europe and played a unique role in helping Europe resume work and production as soon as possible, said Aleksandr Shafash, a former Polish diplomat in China. At the end of June, the first batch of Colombian avocados arrived in Shanghai. Colombian President Eduardo Duque said that the launch of avocado exports to China at this time would boost the confidence of Colombian agriculture. & hellip;  


      Our country put forward, & LDquo; It is necessary to gradually form a new development pattern with domestic major circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other. . For Jinan, a new pattern of opening up and cooperation should be formed as soon as possible in accordance with the central government's deployment requirements. At present, Jinan is facing an important opportunity to promote regional integrated development and enhance its radiation driving capacity. In addition to the provincial capital economic circle, ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin has become a major national strategy, which has also brought good news to Jinan. As a central city in the Yellow River Basin, Jinan grabs the opportunity to go upstream to Zhengzhou and Xi 'an for study and investigation, and takes the initiative to build a group for development. Whether in the implementation of the national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, the linkage with cities along the Yellow River, or with the provincial capital economic circle brother cities. Unity & other; Development, can be described as a rare opportunity, broad space.   Provincial department of Finance, the relevant person in charge said that this year I province policy agricultural credit guarantee mainly show four characteristics: one is to highlight the small policy positioning of supporting agriculture. RMB 100,000 for a single family; The scale of guaranteed loans of 3 million yuan is 18.171 billion yuan, accounting for 98.3% of the total guarantee business. There are 49,700 agricultural credit guarantee projects, with an average guarantee amount of 370,000 yuan per household, reflecting the policy and inclusive orientation of agricultural credit guarantee. Second, we will focus on ensuring the safety of important agricultural products. In the first half of this year, loans for planting and breeding important agricultural products such as grain and pigs reached 10.647 billion yuan, accounting for 57.6% of the total. Among them, grain & LDquo; Agricultural credit & throughout; A total of 2,817 new guarantee projects with an amount of 945 million yuan were added. & other; Pig breeding loan & Rdquo; An additional 1,246 projects with a total amount of 646 million yuan were guaranteed. Third, the whole process of risk prevention and control should be highlighted. In the first stage, the target customer group is screened from multiple dimensions through in-depth investigation of industrial clusters and industrial chains. In the stage of preserving the middle and the rear, through & LDquo; Big data. The model realizes the cross-validation of various guarantee information and continuously reduces the guarantee risk. Fourth, we will give high priority to fiscal policy support. The provincial finance halved the premium charged for the newly increased guarantee business during the epidemic period, and raised the discount rate by 1 percentage point, greatly reducing the burden on agricultural operators. So far, 21.056 billion yuan of concessional secured loans have been provided to 55,200 new-type agricultural business entities. Jinan and Tai 'an are connected by Mount Tai, with similar customs and similar culture. The main urban areas of the two cities are only more than 70 kilometers apart, which is the two nearest cities in the provincial capital economic circle. Landscape sage. The core city of Chinese Culture axis. It takes only 12 minutes to travel between the two cities by high-speed rail, and the Jitai expressway, which will open this year, will be accessible by car in 28 minutes. It can be said that Jinan and Tai 'an have a good basis for the development of urban integration and advantages. Prior to the cooperation meeting with Taian, Jinan has been cooperating with Zibo, Liaocheng, Dongying and Binzhou to promote the integrated development of the provincial capital economic circle. Implementing the integrated development of the provincial capital economic circle is an important decision made by the Provincial Party Committee and provincial government to implement the national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin and promote the high-quality development of the shandong Peninsula city cluster. Within the economic circle of the provincial capital, seven municipal districts cover an area of more than 60,000 square kilometers, with a permanent resident population of 36.282 million, A GDP of 2.6449 trillion yuan, and a general public budget revenue of 235.85 billion yuan by 2019. All the cities within the provincial capital economic circle are among the top 100 cities in China, with relatively balanced development, concentrated resource elements such as policy, capital, science and education, and human resources, and prominent regional competitive advantages. 7, & other; Unity throughout the &; Development is conducive to complementing and promoting each other's advantages, optimizing resource allocation to the greatest extent, promoting coordinated development and rational division of labor, and accelerating the rise of provincial capitals' economic circles.

      Zhu Hengwei, deputy director of the municipal Bureau of Justice, said that the municipal Bureau of Justice will select 60 policemen to lead the formation of 30 service teams, with each team equipped with a legal adviser to help the 30 key projects, 120 enterprises; 153 legal service personnel with good political quality, strong professional ability and high service level were recruited from legal service institutions to join the service teams of other political and legal departments, so as to achieve full coverage of legal service personnel. Develop enterprise & LDQuo; The rule of law check-up. To provide timely legal advice on risks, hidden dangers and loopholes in employment, production, management, etc., to help enterprises regulate operation according to law and prevent and solve legal risks. To develop & other; Feed into the enterprise. Deepen the enterprise & LDQuo; Rule of law creation activities. . To develop & other; Legal services agency; To guide legal service personnel to provide legal services for enterprises to make decisions on major issues such as signing contracts, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Carry out special legal aid and open up the aid for the employees in difficulty. Green channel; , implement & other; Immediately run & throughout; & other; Online office & throughout; & other; Nearby office & throughout; . People interviewed in many places reported that many landscape stones were extracted from the river and excavated from the mountain, which had certain influence and damage to the river ecology and mountain environment. In recent years, the phenomenon of disorderly rock extraction in some local rivers and indiscriminate mining in the mountains has not stopped. Stone moving landscape. & other; Big stone into town. Is one of the important push. Lou Wei, director of the Resources and environment Division of the Institute of Ecological Civilization under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, thinks that some localities may be using fiscal funds. Image engineering; Must be highly vigilant, from the purchase scale and price of norms, restrictions. In addition to parks and scenic spots, landscape stone can be used as a small number of ornaments, urban construction projects should not be a large number. Stone moving landscape. . Because stones are different from trees, displacement has neither ecological nor practical value. In addition, public landscape construction can not pursue luxury, the purchase of expensive stone is even less desirable.    Metropolitan area and urban agglomeration are the products of urbanization and regional cluster. Throughout the country and even the world, when the economy develops to a certain extent, factors of production such as people, capital, information and technology flow to cities, and even to the central cities within the region, forming the aggregation of factors, giving birth to new industries and subjects, and improving labor productivity. As pointed out at the fifth meeting of the Financial and Economic Commission of the CPC Central Committee on August 26, 2019. Central cities and city clusters are becoming the main spatial forms carrying development factors. , & other; Strengthen the economic and population carrying capacity of the economic development advantage regions such as central cities and city clusters. . Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to promote regional integrated development, and local governments are also actively planning for implementation. For example, not long ago, the commercial departments of Henan, Ningxia, Liaoning, Jilin, Hohhot and Nanchang signed an agreement on a strategic cooperation alliance to promote the mutual complementarity, production and marketing exchanges in food and other industries, strengthen regional cooperation and promote regional exchanges.


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