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      The high-quality development of enterprises is not only reflected in the research and development, but also reflected in the production, sales and other links. With the help of CAMS network sales platform, Zhan Yang Heavy Industry has realized the full process information service of products before, during and after sales. & other; In the pre-sales process, we will carry out statistical analysis of customer data to improve the accuracy of services; In the after-sales service, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of customers' feedback and opinions, so as to accurately understand customers' needs and give feedback to the R&D department. Throughout the &; "Said Liu Kun, general manager of The Zhan Yang Heavy Industry Sales Company. Based on the analysis and feedback of after-sales data, JANYANG Heavy Industry keeps innovating, optimizing and innovating products based on customer demand. In 2018, after a customer from Henan province raised a new demand, the company's sales department quickly transferred information to the R&D and design department. The design department carried out customized research and development based on customer needs, and successfully launched a personalized excavator. At present, this product is selling well. & other; At present, many customers have put forward higher requirements for the delivery cycle of orders. Next, we will continue to use new technical means to further shorten the product development cycle and save r&d costs. Throughout the &; "Tan said.    & other; Although the egg price has gone up, the price of corn is also going up, and the cost of breeding has also increased. The wholesale price of 170 yuan to 180 yuan is basically break-even for our farms. Throughout the &; For said.  


      Alex was born in a slum and dropped out of school at a young age because his family was poor. When he first started working on the project, he was just an ordinary lineman. In the work, the project department found that he had rich social experience and strong coordination ability, so they arranged him to participate in some daily foreign affairs coordination work. Today, Alex is a qualified project director, responsible for recruiting for the project department and communicating with local staff. It is reported that the project department has provided nearly 1500 local jobs for more than 3 years. Many local young people are becoming technical backbone in the training. The city of Duekoue has a population of about 100,000. Due to the lack of local economic capacity and municipal supporting facilities, municipal garbage has been piled up in streets for a long time and cannot be dealt with in a timely and effective manner, which seriously affects citizens' life. The project department took the initiative to contact the municipal government and dispatched vehicles to help clear and transport garbage without affecting the daily construction. After a month of thorough cleaning, the city of Duekoue has greatly improved its environment.     

         According to the data, from January to July this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 496,000 and 486,000, down 31.7 percent and 32.8 percent, respectively, from the same period last year, the decline continued to narrow compared to the January to June period. But to meet the 1.1m sales target, 614,000 new energy vehicles will need to be sold over the next five months, or an average of 122,800 vehicles a month. & other; We hope local governments will introduce more policies that will benefit more people and be more stable, and ensure their implementation as soon as possible. Throughout the &; Chen said industry enterprises should pay close attention to changes in the domestic market, the introduction and implementation of national and local policies, timely adjust the pace of production and operation, and steadily promote high-quality development of enterprises. It is understood that the development & LDquo; Summer brings coolness. Activities are important measures taken by trade unions at all levels to carry out the worker-oriented, care about the lives of workers and promote safe production. In recent years, the General Association of Xifeng County always adhere to & LDquo; Put people first. The concept of, every year hot summer season to timely cool and care to the hands of workers, promote the majority of workers awareness of heat cooling and self-protection ability, to ensure that the masses of workers cool, safe summer, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, to ensure safety and production. 

          Have learned, in order to ensure the campus epidemic prevention and control and normal development of the education teaching activities and all kinds of schools at all levels should be combined with school teachers and students staff number, class number and scale, the comprehensive factors such as disinfection area, combining with the emergency plan reserve enough number of epidemic prevention and control materials, including disinfection equipment, disinfection supplies, masks, gloves, non-contact thermometer, hand sanitizer, etc., and epidemic prevention facilities maintenance and maintenance. Before returning to school, all schools should be familiar with and master the epidemic prevention and control work procedures and systems, carry out epidemic prevention and control work and simulation exercises in accordance with the law, in a scientific and precise manner, improve emergency plans, and timely check and make corrections. Vigorously carry out the patriotic health campaign, before the beginning of the school to thoroughly clean, thoroughly clean the health corner; Clean and disinfect classrooms, cafeterias, dormitories, libraries, activity centers, bathrooms and other public places to ensure that classrooms and cafeterias have open Windows for ventilation. The school for food supplies canteen inventory check, expired useless materials, equipment timely cleaning. Xinhua Photo, Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(1) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan celebrates at the award ceremony on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Photo by Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(2) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan (left) celebrates after winning the race on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters

      This activity is sponsored by the Publicity Department of Yunyan District Party Committee, and undertaken by Yunyan District Cultural, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and Yunyan District Cultural Center. The activity adopts the flash mob publicity technique, and the promotion of guiyang city Combine knowledge and practice, and strive to be the first. City spirit, Yunyan District & LDQuo; Yangming culture; & ndash; Conscience throughout the &; , & other The cloud rock of happiness. , & other Fall in love with marble. The concept runs through it, calling on citizens to participate in the creation of civilization.  On August 11, the author was informed at the kaiyang County 2020 Opening up and Optimizing business environment conference that the county issued the "Kaiyang County Investment Promotion Preferential Policy (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Preferential Policy"). It is understood that the introduction of the preferential Policy is aimed at encouraging and attracting foreign investors to invest in Kaiyang, encouraging and guiding existing enterprises to expand production and increase efficiency, further consolidating the industrial foundation, optimizing the industrial structure, focusing on strengthening weak links, strengthening the chain, zhuang industry, and promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Kaiyang county. The "preferential policy" in the process of develop, mizar county and the county government attaches great importance to, multiple deployment project meeting research, strengthen the top-level design, fully absorb the good experience of both advanced area, and a symposium held by entrepreneurs, and other forms for many times for public opinion, listen to the opinions and Suggestions of entrepreneurs extensively, launched after revising.   

       ChenYiQin pointed out in the instructions, to fully understand the current employment entrepreneurship of the gravity of the situation, comprehensively strengthen employment policy priorities, stepped up efforts to implement the burden, stabilizing and expanding employment, livelihood initiatives, fully release the potential of the whole society to absorb employment, increasing comprehensive employment support and services, make out support, plan as a whole pays special attention to the college graduates and home peasant workers, poor labor, change of relocation labor force for poverty alleviation, employment difficult personnel employment entrepreneurship focus groups, to ensure smooth employment situation overall, ensure complete annual employment goal task, to be completed for high quality win out of poverty and economic and social development to provide high quality guarantee. At the meeting, representatives of responsible comrades and grassroots employment and entrepreneurship from Guiyang city, Qiandongnan Prefecture and Guizhou University exchanged speeches. Members of the provincial Leading group for Employment and full staff training and leaders of colleges and universities in Zizhu province will attend the meeting at the main venue, while leaders of municipal (prefecture), county (city, district, special zone) governments will attend the meeting at the sub-venue.  As an enterprise relying on big data development, Vosge Education has gained the most cutting-edge big data development information since its establishment in Guian New Area. Fang Hengliang said that as a state-level new district, Guian New District follows the principle of High-end, green, intensive; A large number of big data enterprises are gathered according to the development requirements, which is conducive to the linkage effect among enterprises and supports the efficient operation of enterprises. & other; Now, the integrated development of Guiyang City has brought unprecedented opportunities to the development of Vogel Education. We must seize the opportunities and keep innovating to provide better course experience for our students. Throughout the &; Fang Hengliang said.

       Corrective crucial work for promoting the national civilized city, improve the urban image, improve the road traffic environment, safeguard gold-sun industrial park of science and technology park road pedestrian environment order, social affairs in the zone since the beginning of July to renovation of Shared cycling roadway taking-up fail to stop, repeatedly questioning gold-sun sci-tech industrial park area of Shared cycling operators, requires Shared cycling operators daily fixed-point, timing, and a person to assist social affairs in the zone clear breach stop sharing the bicycle in the park. In cleaning up private storage battery encroachments breach stop regulation, social affairs in the zone for illegal parking vehicles and can't contact the owner of a private storage battery temporarily dragged off registration custody, parked vehicles were pulled from the temporary custody of spare party, the agency requirements fail to stop the parties learn the guiyang municipal facilities management methods "guiyang urban road pavement management regulations" and other laws and regulations, and plans to write a written self criticism submitted after social affairs in the zone and the high-tech zone social affairs to return fail to stop the storage battery.  However, at the peak of his career, Liu offered to resign. & other; In 2000, I was just 30 years old. I wanted to start my own business in my hometown and bring rich neighbors to my hometown. At that time, the government had policy support for returning to my hometown to start my own business, so I fell in love with it. Moreover, my two children were going to school and wanted to be closer to home. Throughout the &; "Liu Fengsheng said. In June 2002, Liu Fengsheng resigned and returned to ta Shan Village to start his own business. With 12 years of technical accumulation and management experience, he took out the accumulated more than 30,000 yuan, and applied for 30,000 yuan credit loan, using his own house as a production site, purchased simple machinery and equipment, set up Qingzhen Shengfeng furnace factory.  


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