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      At present, the party committees and governments at all levels are leading the people to overcome the impact of the epidemic and push forward the fight against poverty with greater determination and strength, with the dawn of a moderately prosperous society in all respects ahead. The same desire up and down, invincible. Since the eighteenth congress, faced with arduous and complex task of reform, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core for directional, overall planning, with huge political courage and wisdom to promote comprehensively deepen reform, a series of major reform to advance, the convenient, benefiting the people and beneficial measures for implementation, coruscate gives new vitality of the earth. How to innovate the pattern of resource allocation and build a high - tech industry cluster? 'The core Shenzhen Bay park developed and operated by Shenzhen Investment Control has a total area of 3.6 million square meters, provides high standards of construction and high quality services, and rents are 30% cheaper than similar properties on the market,' Mr. Wang said. At present, Shenzhen Bay Park has more than 1,000 enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 250 billion yuan. It has become a well-known and industry-leading high-tech park brand in China. In the past two years, the company has undertaken many landmark projects such as Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone and Shenzhen Bay Super headquarters base. The investment in the next few years will reach 150 billion yuan. & have spent It is reported that the mode of "fixed time and fixed point collection and transportation + metering and charging" has been piloting operation in feichang Tail scenic spot since 2018. The development of this activity is to further consolidate JiaoChang tail garbage sorting work experience, deepen the classification mechanism innovation, garbage classification problem of the existence of effective crack scenic spot, and at the same time to create garbage sorting "outstanding scenic spot model" as the goal, the jurisdiction CD action vigorously publicity, the residents' awareness of reducing classification, to garbage classification and cd-rom propaganda, raise the level of the new city living garbage classification reduction work. Garbage classification model for promoting JiaoChang tail scenic spot, and the new issued on April 27, through the work sharing mode of garbage classification, innovation system, introducing green wisdom to promote scenic garbage sorting "time" designated collector + the metering system, establish and improve the scenic area living garbage classification on the classification, classified collection, classification, transportation, processing system, and realizing a complete coverage of the scenic area garbage sorting area, the home stay facility, catering enterprises and businessmen garbage classification witting rate will reach 100%, the participation rate will reach above 85%. At the same time, the garbage classification work level of the scenic spot is constantly improved, efforts are made to build a unique garbage classification brand of the new area, help to build a centralized carrying area of the global ocean center city, and build a world-class ecological tourism resort.  

      Seventy-five years ago, the Chinese people, through bloody and arduous struggles, defeated the vicious Japanese invaders and won the first complete victory in China's resistance to foreign aggression in modern times. The great victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression has established a historical turning point at which the Chinese nation has entered into a deep crisis and gone into a great revival since modern times. It fully demonstrates that the Chinese nation has the spirit to fight the invaders to the last drop of blood, the determination to recover lost ground on the basis of self-reliance, and the ability to stand firm among the nations of the world. In 14 years arduous journey in the Anti-Japanese War, hundreds of millions of Chinese excellent children with blood and life wrote a song together, uniting, death, indomitable struggle for national independence and liberation hero song, formed the great spirit, this is the general secretary of xi jinping pointed out "the rise and fall, fortunes of patriotism, death to surrender, national integrity, intrepidity, heroic the bloody battle in the end, indomitable, tenacious spirit of triumphalism". This spirit is the inheritance and sublimation of the fine historical and cultural tradition of the time-honored Chinese nation, and the promotion and promotion of the great national spirit with patriotism as the core.  Hong Kong police arrested 10 people Monday on charges of violating Hong Kong's Security laws and conspiracy to defraud, including lai Zhiying, founder of Hong Kong's Next Media. Lai Zhiying was released on bail and walked out of mong Kok police station in the early hours of today (December 12), Hong Kong's Oriental Daily and other local media reported. His bail is set at $300,000 (HK $, the same below) in cash and $200,000 in personnel security. Citing sources, the report said lai zhiying was unable to raise 500,000 yuan in cash because his 50 million yuan assets had been frozen, and had to increase personnel guarantees. According to Hong Kong media, lai zhiying left the yacht at about 12:10 PM on The 11th, escorted by a number of police officers. His hands were handcuffed and he was accompanied by two suspected lawyers. Mr Lai was then escorted to a seven-seater vehicle, which left the yacht club and returned to the Mong Kok police station, where he was loudly denounced as a "great traitor of the century". By 15:00, Mr Lai's vehicle had been driven to west Kowloon Police Headquarters and made repeated trips to mong Kok Police station. Mr Lai was released on bail and required to hand over his travel document. 

      The cadres of the first group of the 100-day battle of kengzi Street, a key project in 2020, visited Mr. Lai repeatedly to help him find the crux of the problem and find a solution. For a whole month, they finally got Mr. Lai's support. On July 29, Mr. Lai completed the contract. The successful completion of a large area of industrial space land remediation project in Pingshan Park of high-tech Zone is an important space guarantee for the innovation of Pingshan in the future. On June 22, Kengzi Street launched a key project in 2020, the 100-day battle of the commando corps, hard style to complete the hard tasks, to promote the quality and efficiency of urban space in Gaoxin North area. A total of 383 buildings, about 172,600 square meters, with a total of 147 buildings and 104,900 square meters signed the agreement as of August 5, with a signing rate of 60.78%.  Recently, the Community Party Committee of Tangwei Community of Fenghuang Sub-district, Guangming District, together with the staff of the sub-district safety supervision, grid management and other departments, went through villages and alleys, and distributed creative literature publicity materials and garbage classification publicity leaflets to the residents to promote public civilization knowledge. During the activity, a total of 20 staff members were dispatched, 400 propaganda leaflets and 400 creative literature propaganda pieces were distributed. Activities, the staff to take the form of door-to-door publicity, to the "three small" places and residents of residential buildings in the family life garbage classification on the guidance provided by the propaganda folding, and promotional materials and materials, the residents on the living garbage classification categories, on the way and hazardous waste treatment methods, such as guide residents timely and effective handling household garbage, put an end to a heap of random behavior, keep the environment clean and tidy. This activity popularized the garbage classification knowledge to the residents, strengthened the garbage classification awareness, and advocated the residents to do garbage classification and protect the environment together. "It is everyone's duty to separate garbage".  

      On July 29, Nie Chunlei, director of the Basic level Department of the National Health Commission, led a team to investigate the construction of Nanshan Medical Group. At 15:00 that afternoon, grid operator Zhen Lichun found an old man who kept looking back and forth on the road while patrolling near the Service station of Janny Garden in Yulv and suspected to be lost. The grid operator immediately stepped forward to inquire about the situation. The old man could not speak Mandarin and could not read, so he could not get effective information. Then, zhen lichun took the old man to the jade law Virginian park appeal service station, and bought drinking water for the old man to quench his thirst and relieve the summer heat. At the same time, he sent the photos of the old man to WeChat group, the third level of the district, and mobilized grid members and residents to help the old man find his family. Grid member Zhang did not see the photo after feel familiar, think is the jade law a district a resident of a building, then quickly contacted the building to verify. In the building director confirmed, grid member Zhang Did not immediately report to the group leader, and through the collection system to find the room with the people fill in the phone number, and their families got in touch. At about 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, the grid operator safely returned the old man to his relatives, the old man's son saw the lost mother came back and kept thanking the grid operator and the chief of the building. The grid operator also repeatedly told him to take care of the old man to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.    

      In terms of market share, Sales of Chinese-brand passenger cars reached 585,000 units in July, up 4.5 percent from a year earlier. Market share also recovered for the first time in nearly four months, rising to 35.1 per cent from a low of 33.6 per cent in June. The market share of German and Japanese brands continues to rise, while that of American and Korean brands declines. On the export side, China's automobile exports in July were basically unchanged from the previous month at 62,000 units. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said, if the second half of the overseas epidemic does not recover significantly, then China's automobile export market is still not optimistic. For people with Yin deficiency, Yin deficiency is a dry and hot constitution, which is manifested as fever in hands and feet and heart, sweaty palms and a love of drinking water, often dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, irritability and poor sleep, and ginger temperature. For people with Yin deficiency, eating ginger will aggravate Yin deficiency. A number of key policies have taken root in interconnected and multi-sectoral sectors. The district Human Resources Bureau set the top post for the headquarters of the district medical group according to the standard of tertiary general hospital. The district Housing and Construction Bureau provided talent housing, which solved the housing problems that had been pending within the group, especially among the general practitioner team. We will strengthen financial support and improve the hardware and software configuration of institutions within the medical group. The district Committee and the district government provide the group headquarters with special funds to support the medical reform; For three consecutive years, we increased subsidies for social and health care diagnosis and treatment and increased funding for basic public health services. Support the purchase of public health (Jingwei) social work service projects, introduce full-time social workers, and assist doctors in carrying out public health work; Support the purchase of social logistics service projects, promote the construction of the group headquarters logistics sharing center; Many medical staff in hospitals choose to work in social health centers.   At least 26 coVID-19 vaccines are being developed by 17 research institutes in Russia, with the gamaliya Center making the fastest progress, Russian media reported. The phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of the vaccine at gamaliya center ended on July 15 and August 3, respectively, meeting the safety and efficacy standards of the Russian vaccine. The centre is scheduled to start a five-month phase 3 clinical trial of about 2,000 adults this month. A total of 897,599 new cases have been confirmed in Russia in the past 24 hours, Russia's epidemic prevention headquarters said Tuesday. 130 new deaths, totaling 15,131; 6,494 new cases were cured, 703,175 in total.

      Let the great spirit of Anti-Japanese War be passed on from generation to generation, carry forward the fine style of hard work and selfless dedication, and constantly push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that, "in the magnificent Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, thousands upon thousands of heroes sacrificed their heads and shed their blood, making great contributions to the victory of the war and to the forging of the great spirit of resistance." The victory of the War of Resistance against Japan was forged by the blood and lives of countless heroes. In the stormy years, in order to free their descendants from slavery and lead a happy and free life, the Chinese people fought and died with one heart and one mind. They would rather die than be enslaved. It was with the indomitable spirit of not bowing to difficulties and not yielding to the aggressors that China won a glorious victory in the annals of history in the war of Resistance against Japan. The world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The international situation is complex and volatile, and the tasks of reform, development, stability, internal affairs, foreign affairs, and national defense, as well as governing the Party, state, and military are more arduous than ever. In order to gain an advantage in the competition where no advance means retreat and no strength means weakness, we must vigorously promote the great spirit and the glorious tradition of the spirit of resistance against Japanese aggression. In the whole society, we must advocate the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, fighting bravely, not fearing hardship, and the spirit of indomitable and indomitable driving nails, so as to form a strong atmosphere of work and entrepreneurship. We will encourage Party members, officials and the people to keep their feet on the ground, be dedicated to their work, and make every effort to build a solid foundation for their work and entrepreneurship, so as to continuously advance the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.    Sponsored by the Group work Department of Longhua District and Longhua District Women's Federation, and co-organized by Fucheng Sub-district Women's Federation and 5 community women's federations, this is a special project of longhua Sub-District Women's Federation "Women's and Children's Home" in 2020, "Rainbow Flower Dream Schoolbag -- Promoting Book Fragrance Community". This summer holiday will bring happy time to families in Fucheng sub-district. "It is better to give a child ten books than a good one; It is better to give a child a way to read than to give him ten good books; Instead of giving a child ten ways to read, give him a mom and dad with whom to share his reading." In each event, the words of Yi Ran, a writer of children's literature, were passed on to the participating parents through the lecturers in the small study of Rainbow Flower public Welfare. Parents are their children's first reading teachers. In the process of accompanying their children to read, parents can obtain high-quality parent-child companionship and form a good parent-child relationship. The parent-child reading activity of the project of "Rainbow Flower Dream Schoolbag - Book Power Community" is just a window to convey the concept of parent-child reading. Parents not only accompany their children to read at the activity site, but also feel the happiness that reading brings to children. 116 mothers-to-be, lactating mothers and their families were invited to participate in the activity, which was divided into three links, focusing on the benefits of breastfeeding, correct feeding posture and skills, matters needing attention and how to adhere to breastfeeding. The 8 teams sent by the medical institutions in the area, through the fierce competition of breast milk knowledge competition, produced a total of 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 1 third prize and 5 excellent prizes.

      Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway inc. ranked no. 1 in the exam. Net income in the second quarter was $26.3bn, up 87 per cent from a year earlier, thanks to the strength of Apple, the company's biggest stockholder. With cash on hand at a record $146.6 billion, Buffett has been aggressively hunting down bank of America. Berkshire Hathaway reported operating profit of $5.513 billion, down 10% from a year earlier. Among them were declines in the company's railroads, utilities and energy sectors. But after adding investment gains, the company's net profit for the second quarter reached $26.295 billion, or nearly $300 million a day. That was up 86.8% from $14.1 billion a year earlier. At the same time, guangdong street also held a boutique characteristic community creation report defense training. Communities around the "systematic and quality, the characteristic" create demand, combined with the epidemic prevention and control, the party lead the community governance reform, big stage "small community" case selection such as the key work report created the situation, the leaders, experts, scholars, questions and comments on the site, helping communities to summarize experience, refining, and in the process of interaction between defense secretary for communities decide questions and ideas. Quality characteristics of the community to create work since 2019, guangdong street community party construction as the lead, guided by the demands of the people's livelihood, to build the work for the gripper, actively play a role of central party committee, fully mobilize multivariate main body strength, promote management refinement, service, accuracy, and the preliminary implementation work sharing of community governance. For example, Houhai community set up a self-regulatory alliance of merchants to make the pet street "clean and refreshing"; The community of Shenzhen University makes full use of the 3C linkage platform between society, school and enterprise to strengthen resource sharing and diversified integration. The "Enterprise trade Union Alliance" was established in Maling community with the help of party construction to promote two-way service and mutual assistance between the community and enterprises for win-win results. Nanyou community excavates and inherits the spirit of "frontier cattle" and promotes "frontier cattle" veteran party members to participate in community governance services; The science and technology park community has established the Park co-governance Alliance, which has effectively maintained fair competition      

      Since much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ", "deep pitch control according to the municipal party committee, municipal government policy decisions, by" aggregate resources, breeding industry, urban service "as our mission, and strive to create" science and technology, finance, science and technology park, science and technology industry "three industrial clusters, to build" science and technology innovation resources into financial + + science and technology park, science and technology of the listed company + science and technology industry cluster "five integrated business model, set up financial as the" sunshine "by the science and technology, science and technology park as the" soil ", by the science and technology industry as the "seeds and young plants and trees" the full life cycle of industrial ecological system. In recent years, Shenzhen Investment Holding has accelerated its transformation and development, comprehensively deepened its reform, and achieved new highs in various business indicators centering on building a world-class state-owned capital investment company. Compared with 2016 at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the total assets of the company reached 699.5 billion yuan at the end of 2019, an increase of 75%. Net assets of 305.5 billion yuan, up 75%; Its operating revenue reached rmb1993/93 billion, up 366%; Profits totaled 25.2 billion yuan, up 67%; Taxes paid amounted to 16.2 billion yuan, an increase of 50%. Liu Yuan, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanwan Street, participated in the "National Cleaning Day" in Nanling Village community. Activities are divided into two steps, which is given priority to with "+ community street department staff" group of five "national clean-up day" cleaning, mainly around the NaLing Village community service center, between the party and the masses culture square, everyone shopping, business, nanling market, old wo ping, Gao Ao core region, and the measurement point, such as cleaning the back streets of 12 in total, 94 of health dead Angle, clear zombies tricycle 2, clean without seat bicycle 2, clean up the small AD 353. At the same time, all the property estates in the community carried out the activity of "National Clean up day" by themselves, and 23 residential districts in the whole community took the initiative to carry out the cleaning action, so as to improve the environmental hygiene of the community in an all-round way. Leaders have taken the lead in encouraging the implementation of the national Clean Up Day by focusing on the areas that are difficult to clean, such as gaps in power grid manhole covers, storm drains, green belts, corners of staircases, and the frames of slope retaining walls. As for the problems found in the cleaning process, the community will check the loopholes and fill the gaps, and rectify and implement the marks one by one. Nanshan District Committee and District government attaches great importance to the building of modern, intelligent and high-level medical groups, and promotes the construction of medical groups at a high level. It lists the construction of medical groups as the no.1 major reform project, grasps the reform bottleneck, and makes innovation in the system and mechanism. The implementation plan of Nanshan Medical Group was issued as the blueprint of the reform. It initiated the "1+C+N" medical group integration model. "1" is the headquarters of Nanshan Medical Group, which was established by the Nanshan District Committee and government as a unit at the highest administrative management level of the district public institution. "C" is a member unit of the group, and the district belongs to various public medical and health institutions, including Huazhong University of Science and Technology Union Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone Hospital, South University of Science and Technology Hospital, District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and District Hospital for chronic Disease prevention and Control. "N" refers to other medical and health institutions in the area, including high-level hospitals such as Shenzhen Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shenzhen University General Hospital and social medical institutions.  "The public welfare training in the community is not only free to learn, to help children put down their mobile phones and computers, to enrich their summer life, but also effectively relieve the pressure on us parents to take care of children in the summer, just like 'timely rain' to warm everyone's heart!" There are no trivial issues concerning people's livelihood. In 2020, South Australia will adhere to the direction of improving people's well-being, "the leader" personally, highlight small investment, strengthen weak points, add characteristics, benefit the people, go to the masses to solicit micro practical matters, and by giving full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress, serve the people, seek for both quantity and quality, and regulate simultaneously. "The micro practical matters project for people's livelihood in South Australia insists on giving play to the leading role of the community Party committee in the micro practical matters for people's livelihood. It is led by the community Party committee, with the participation of the neighborhood committee and all party branches. It adopts the form of combined centralized collection and daily collection to quickly solve the trivial matters, emergencies and difficult problems around the residents. South Australia office related person in charge of the introduction. On this basis, the south Australian strictly carry out "four LiangGongKai" the decision-making mechanism, accepts the populace to supervise the whole process, the final 213 key micro "projects of the people's livelihood, infrastructure, environmental governance, folk culture, education and training, love, care, leisure, recreation, health care and other fields to carry out the" mass order ", the government to pay the service idea, make each project is "tailored", earnestly to micro and fell to the hearts of the people's livelihood, let people have more real feeling.


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