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       Please refer to the interview notice for details of the time, place and method of the interview or the email, text message and phone call of the personnel Department organized by the college. The full score of the interview is 100 points. The proposed personnel who have been publicly announced without objection shall be notified by the College to register. Prospective candidates should report to the Personnel Department and relevant departments of the College within the prescribed time limit. Those who fail to register after the deadline without the permission of the college will be deemed to have given up automatically. The contract signed by the staff formally recruited in this recruitment is not included in the establishment of the college. The contract signed for the first time is one year. After the contract expires, the new staff can renew the contract only after passing the examination. The college conducts a two-month probationary visit to its recruits. The content of the investigation is the subject's ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, work performance and so on. The college shall terminate the labor contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law if it is proved that the employment conditions are not met during the probation period.      

       The health service model of The Ministry of Health, the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, to provide people with medical treatment, prevention, health care full cycle health services. At the same time, the Internet hospital mode is implemented to provide online and offline integrated and convenient services. The applicant shall obtain the relevant academic degree prior to graduation, and guarantee that the applicant shall obtain the academic certificate, academic certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate and resident doctor standardized training certificate (or issue a certificate of qualification) at the year of graduation. The applicant who cannot obtain the certificate after the deadline shall not continue to be employed. Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional title may verify professional title certificate, and there is no compulsory requirement for standardized training certificate for doctors. I have obtained academic certificate, degree certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate, and resident doctor standardized training certificate (or certificate of qualification issued). Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional title may verify professional title certificate, and there is no compulsory requirement for standardized training certificate for doctors. Only by being fully prepared and doing your best can you seize the opportunity and change the situation. I am the minority of the many, and the majority of the few. I am the unlucky among the lucky, but also the lucky among the lucky." Life is a journey, and I am a traveler." Now I am still one of a herd of unsuccessful job seekers. We this group of "calf" people recklessly bump into, in this road grope and roll, fall black and blue, be in a mess, but "long wind and waves will sometimes", as long as constantly reflect, constantly improve, seize the opportunity, I believe that one day we can "straight hang cloud sail to aid the sea"! 

        If the candidates fail to pass the qualification review or give up the qualification review, the vacant places for the interview shall be filled in the same amount in turn according to the written test results, and the candidates shall be filled in the same order from high score to low score. If the candidates have equal scores, they shall be all qualified for the qualification review. After the qualification review, the qualified personnel will be confirmed as candidates for the interview. If there is a vacancy, it will not be filled. Physical examination shall be conducted in the general hospital at or above the county level designated by the leadership group. Those who do not participate in physical examination or fail to pass the physical examination shall not be employed. The physical examination shall be carried out according to the General Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (trial). The medical examination fee shall be borne by the applicant. Inspection arranged by hiring leadership group, by unit of choose and employ persons and departments in charge of inspection, the content including the candidate's political ideology, moral quality, law-abiding, self-discipline, ability quality, work attitude, learning and work performance and the situation of the need to avoid, etc., and to enter oneself for an examination the applicant to provide the review or audit the authenticity of information and archives. Domestic fresh graduates mainly investigate the applicant's learning situation during the school, usually ideological and political performance, in principle to the school graduation appraisal and other certification materials. Other persons shall be issued by the police station or community or village committee in the place where their hukou is registered to certify their law-abiding, ideological and political performance, etc. The employer will form written materials based on the investigation results and deposit them in the applicant's personnel file. The application Form for the Introduction of talents for outstanding graduates from key universities in Wulian County public institutions (hereinafter referred to as the Application Form) and the Letter of Commitment to Good Faith, printed materials shall be used in the qualification review. Applicants are required to provide the original and photocopy of the following documents: their valid resident identity card, diplomas and degrees recognized by the state, Application Form, letter of Commitment in good Faith and other relevant documents required by the post. The returnees should also provide the certification materials of academic degree issued by the Service center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education. The proportion of equal amount determines the examination candidate. Doctoral candidates who apply for the job will directly enter the investigation scope, do not occupy the quota of this recruitment plan, and choose the best candidates according to the investigation situation. The organization department of the county Party Committee and the county human resources and Social Security Bureau make unified arrangements to inspect the universities (units) where the candidates are introduced, focusing on the ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability and work achievements. The personnel who have participated in the work must provide the unit issued by the written consent to sign up. After the inspection, the comprehensive analysis of qualified candidates list, unqualified inspection will not be introduced. The examination candidate abandons or the examination is unqualified, according to the interview result accordingly fills the examination candidate.   

      Department "about dealing with COVID - 19 outbreak affect the implementation of part of the professional qualification & other mount guard, and then research & throughout; phased measures notice spirit, but not yet get teacher certification in accordance with the conditions for the teachers' qualification examination and teachers' qualification about the ideological and political quality, mandarin level, physical condition, such as requirement of college graduates, can sign up. However, if the teacher fails to obtain the corresponding teacher qualification within the probation period after employment, the employment contract shall be terminated according to law. The proportion of speakers (professional skills assessment) shall be determined in turn, and the last speaker (professional skills assessment) shall be determined as the speaker (professional skills assessment) if the written test scores of the last speaker (professional skills assessment) are in parallel. If the actual number of applicants for the interview is lower than the stipulated proportion of candidates for the interview due to the qualification of giving up the speaking course (professional skills assessment) or the vacancy of the exam, the interview shall be conducted normally. The personnel entering the lecture (professional skill assessment) link shall be notified by the recruitment unit by telephone.  In my opinion, the linkage mechanism should be improved to combine the guidance qualification recognition, admission qualification examination, rewards and punishments of postgraduate tutors with the examination of teachers' ethics. In every link of postgraduate training, we should strengthen the training of academic standards, strengthen the education of professional ethics, and enhance the cultivation of academic ethics. We should optimize the academic evaluation system and adhere to the combination of academic committee evaluation, educational supervision evaluation, postgraduate evaluation and tutor self-evaluation, so as to form a joint force for the construction of academic style and academic ethics. Postgraduate education has a unified strategic frontier, countries around the world and the features of area target can be further convergence revolution, industrial revolution and education of science and technology revolution, so the graduate student is more need to track international academic front, face to face with academic problems, academic field of vision, innovative work in the academic research, is supposed to get more involved in research at the forefront of professional opportunities.  

       It is a community bank with branches covering major political and economic centers in Urumqi, Changji and Yili.     The strategic tasks and objectives of cutting-edge technologies, mainly focusing on assisting the elderly and disabled robots, industrial robots and logistics and transportation robots, will carry out research, development and demonstration applications of basic theories, key technologies, core software and system prototypes of intelligent service robots, and actively promote the technology and industrial development of robots. Existing teachers in the laboratory

      Zibo & LDQuo; Elite talent recruitment action. (The fifth batch) General Chapter, in accordance with the regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions and other relevant provisions, is now the fifth batch of Zibo & LDQUO; Elite talent recruitment action. The related announcements of the first recruitment of municipal health system are as follows. Years (including the probationary period) of the civil servants and the reference to the management of civil servant law, in the recruitment of civil servants and institution open recruitment recruitment (hiring) determined by the competent authority of serious disciplinary violations, and shall apply for personnel, personnel of the object being joint punishment in accordance with the law as a faithless, active servicemen, "avoid personnel management regulations" (people club department rules The hospital is a third-level national maternal and child health care institution, with one hospital and three sites, including the main hospital, the kindergarten branch and The Mianyang Children's Hospital. It is a member hospital of China Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Alliance, a designated hospital of China cervical cancer Prevention and Control Project, a health education and training base for pregnant and lying-in women in Sichuan Province, the first baby-friendly hospital in Mianyang city, a training base for Newborn resuscitation technology of American Heart to Heart, and an internship and teaching base of many universities. Is China's family planning association guidance center of eugenic and superior nurture, China JiShengXie guidance center of eugenic and superior nurture, China association of maternity and child care deafness gene detects experimental base, the national PAC demonstration hospital, maternal and child safety demonstration unit in sichuan province, sichuan province early childhood development demonstration base, genetic metabolic disease screening for newborn branch of sichuan province, mianyang, prenatal screening and diagnosis center, birth defects prevention management center for emergency and severe cases treatment center, the critically ill newborn, maternal treatment center, postpartum rehabilitation center, screening assessment center for disabled children, the 0 to 6 years old children myopia prevention and control center. The tests of Public Basic Knowledge and Public Vocational Ability include general legal knowledge, human science, political theory and current affairs, overview of public institutions, professional ethics, document writing and processing, data analysis, etc. If the documents (certificates) are incomplete or the documents (certificates) provided are not in conformity with the qualifications of the post reported, or the main information is inaccurate, which affects the qualification examination, the applicant shall be disqualified for the interview. If the applicant fails to take part in the qualification review at the prescribed time and place, he/she shall be deemed to have given up the interview automatically. The physical examination standards and items shall be implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Physical Examination for Civil Servant Recruitment (Trial). The physical examination shall be conducted in a qualified comprehensive hospital at or above the county level. If the conclusion of the physical examination is unqualified and the re-examination is needed, another hospital with physical examination qualification at the same level or another hospital at the next higher level shall be arranged for re-examination. Those who fail to attend the physical examination on time shall be regarded as giving up the qualification. 

         (1) having the nationality of the People's Republic of China and in good health; No criminal record or record of participating in organizational activities prohibited by the State; In the absence of laws, regulations and rules, it is not suitable to employ staff of an institution; The assessment is carried out by means of professional skill test, which is a 100-point system. The new district Management Committee has set up an assessment team to assess the relevant quota, project cost, budget and final accounts and financial fund payment of Guangdong Province. The result was announced on the spot. After the completion of the assessment, the qualified personnel shall be ranked according to the overall score from high to low, and the physical examination candidates of the same amount shall be determined according to the number of people to be introduced into the post. Employers shall organize physical examinations in accordance with the Implementation Rules for the Physical Examination of Publicly recruited Personnel in Public Institutions of Guangdong Province (trial implementation). Like most unemployed job seekers, There will be exams, large and small, and each exam will be a challenge and an opportunity. 

      Because these layoffs come so suddenly, almost today, tomorrow you want to go, many people like me feel very unreasonable, looking for school theory... After all, the unit that everyone had sworn to devote his life to suddenly seemed so cold, heartless and a little shameless. At this time, the teacher in other people's eyes, who has a decent job, looks like an old and sad woman who has been abandoned by a dishonest man. She cries and shouts at the man who abandons her, "I love you so much that I gave you all my youth. How can you abandon me? Why did you abandon me... At that time, I really understood why some people say that adult decency is only given by work. Through this incident, It also reminds me of what an old-timer in the same office said to me when I just graduated from my master's degree: in the workplace, only if we keep excellent all the time can we have the qualification to keep choosing. Once we are not excellent enough, we will be selected. Therefore, we should be a person who always has the right to choose. Within 30 working days of publication, subject to social supervision, if there are no problems or problems reflected in the publication that do not affect the employment after the expiration of the publication period, the employment procedures shall be completed; To refuse to employ those who reflect problems affecting the employment and have evidence to prove them; If the reported problem is difficult to be verified at the moment, the employment may be suspended and the decision on whether to hire the employee shall be made after the investigation is made. Any vacancy that has not been advertised will not be filled. Candidates should register in good faith. Those who give up after entering the physical examination, inspection and subsequent links, and fail to report for duty within the prescribed time with relevant materials without any justifiable reasons after receiving the employment notice, shall be disqualified accordingly and shall be recorded in the good faith archives. According to the & other; Open, fair, and fair. The principle of, strive to create a level playing field for candidates, ensure that the whole recruitment information, process, results open, recruitment information, written test, interview, physical examination, inspection and other work results to the public in a timely manner. In the work, accept the supervision of the community and related departments. To stop and correct in time the ACTS violating the cadre and personnel discipline and relevant regulations in the recruitment work.    Optional. Applicants for the city straight high school, according to the job recruitment plan, according to the written test and interview results, in the registered positions, from high to low points in turn to choose posts. Post selection time: conference room. If the post is not selected within the specified time, the candidate will be deemed to have given up the qualification automatically. If there is a vacancy due to the abandonment of post selection, the qualified candidates shall be graded according to the total score from high score to low score (the grading method is the same as the method for determining the physical examination personnel). Inspection. Qualified personnel shall be inspected by the recruiting schools. The investigation is carried out by referring to the examination standards for civil servants in Jiangsu Province, which mainly focuses on political thought, legal consciousness, moral quality, psychological quality and practical performance.


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