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      The bank of Linghu lake of West Lake in Huizhou; It is a tertiary specialized psychiatric hospital with spirit and psychology as its main business, integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention and rehabilitation. Guangdong Medical University, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice hospital. Established beds are available. Good ideological and political quality, law-abiding, decent, with good professional ethics, strong sense of teamwork. Be fit and competent for the job. , according to the announcement released by the application conditions and requirements, mainland residents to carry id, graduate employment recommendation table, diploma, bachelor's degree certificate and degree certificate, personnel labor relations affiliated certificate, certificate of family planning and other relevant materials (all documents are required to provide the original and copy), and the institution open recruitment of guangdong province personnel application form (with On August 11, 1943, the first Quebec Conference (the quarterback Conference) was held. Churchill and Roosevelt hosted the meeting, which was attended by Soong Ziwen, Foreign Minister of the Chinese Nationalist Government, and Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada. At the meeting, the United States and Britain mainly debated the implementation of "Operation Overlord" plan. The Conference approved the Overlord plan and gave it priority, but postponed its implementation to 1 May 1944. The meeting confirmed the importance of opening a second Front in Europe, set a deadline for defeating Japan, and ensured the coordination of allied operations. In mid-August 1945, at the critical moment of the war of Resistance against Japan, Commander-in-chief Zhu DE issued seven orders in succession, ordering the troops in the liberated areas to advance rapidly, confiscate the Japanese puppet forces and carry out a broad counter-offensive across the board. The name "PEOPLE's Liberation Army" was first put forward on August 11 in zhu DE's Counter-offensive Order No. 4. On November 1, 1948, after the Central Military Commission issued the general Decree, all the armed forces were renamed the People's Liberation Army. It is expressly stipulated in the decree that the designations of each regiment and sub-division above must be prefixed with the words "People's Liberation Army".   

          (6) Examination and physical examination. The candidates to be introduced shall be inspected, and the physical examination shall be uniformly organized. The physical examination standards shall be implemented according to the physical examination standards for newly recruited civil servants.  

       Introduction procedures include: registration, qualification examination, interview, physical examination, inspection, publicity, employment, etc. The registration personnel shall log in the registration mailbox within the specified time to check the qualification examination results. The qualification examination runs through the introduction work, and those who find that they do not meet the prescribed qualification conditions, practice fraud and provide false information will have their registration and employment qualifications cancelled. (3) Interview. This talent introduction work will not be written, directly into the interview (doctoral candidates can be exempted from the test). The interview is organized by the county party committee organization Department, which adopts the way of structured interview. Interview results must be achieved     

      After several months of searching everywhere, the job was found successfully. After the outbreak of layoffs, I have learned a lot: in a country now full of talent, if we do not work hard to run, then really want to stay where we are difficult. I don't want to be laid off a second time. I want to improve myself and be the one who has a choice, regardless of my age.   Shanxi University student village officials and other service grass-roots project personnel to apply. Specialized positions for grassroots project personnel. The examinee who has not received the certificate of service expiry shall print out the Audit Form for The Staff of The Basic Service Project (downloaded from the attachment of the announcement), and the column of assessment opinions of the service place shall be sealed by the service unit and its superior competent department respectively; In the column of opinions of the sending unit, the review opinions such as whether the service has expired, whether the resident is in office, and the assessment results should be added. (The college student village officials shall be examined and sealed by the municipal and county departments. & other; The teacher's Special Post program. The project personnel shall be examined and sealed by the Education Department of Shanxi Province. & other; The Western project. , & other Northwest Shanxi Plan. As well as  

      Job requirements: Understand the domestic and foreign economic and financial situation, familiar with regulatory policies, have a deep understanding of the development direction and strategic choice of commercial Banks that are integrated and collectivised; Excellent ability of data statistical analysis, data sorting, strong writing ability, independent analysis and judgment ability, research ability, etc.; Experience in management of financial holding group or large commercial bank is preferred. Job responsibilities: Tracked and studied relevant policies and decisions of the central government, regulatory authorities and other financial reforms, as well as the institutional reform of domestic and foreign commercial Banks, investigated and studied the institutional construction and reform of the bank, and put forward relevant opinions and Suggestions; Participate in drafting and organizing the promotion of various institutional and institutional reform plans of the bank, and regularly track and evaluate the implementation status and effectiveness of the reform. Job requirements: Understand the domestic and foreign economic and financial situation, familiar with regulatory policies, have a deep understanding of the development direction and institutional construction of commercial Banks; Have strong writing ability and independent thinking, investigation, analysis and judgment ability, proficient in computer office software; Relevant management experience in the construction of commercial Banks is preferred. 1. All kinds of certification materials, including but not limited to educational background, academic degree, professional qualification certificate, professional technical title, IDENTITY card, foreign language level certificate, etc.; The quality of talent cultivation is directly related to whether the mentor has the consciousness of continuously tracking cutting-edge issues. Besides self-consciousness, the continuous struggle of the tutor is more important to have systems and mechanisms to urge and promote him/her to stand in the forefront of knowledge. In the process of selection and appointment, the ability and tendency of tutors to keep track of frontier problems were investigated. Continue to carry out mentor training, training for the development of the mentor team at all stages, and expand the channels for the mentor to master the forefront of the discipline; Dynamic adjustment of the tutor team, linked to the admission qualification, so that the tutor team has mobility, so as to ensure that the tutor team has continuous enthusiasm and creativity.    

      (5) Inspection. The organization department of the county Party Committee organizes an investigation group to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the qualified personnel. Investigation shall be carried out by means of reviewing archives, investigating to original units and sending correspondence. Personnel who pass the inspection shall sign the Agreement on Talent Introduction. (8) Employment. The leading group of the talent work of the county Party Committee shall submit the proposal to the standing Committee of the county Party Committee to study and determine the candidates for the introduction after no objection is made to the public notice. By the county party committee editing office, county people and social bureau, county finance bureau and other departments responsible for the introduction of the relevant procedures. (ii) Post and rank treatment. The system of probationary period shall be implemented for the introduced talents. The probationary period shall be one year. Formal employment after probation. Those who are employed as management positions shall be designated as staff of grade 7 for doctoral students and staff of grade 8 for postgraduate students. If it is employed as a professional and technical post, it shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions on post establishment.  Within 30 working days of publication, subject to social supervision, if there are no problems or problems reflected in the publication that do not affect the employment after the expiration of the publication period, the employment procedures shall be completed; To refuse to employ those who reflect problems affecting the employment and have evidence to prove them; If the reported problem is difficult to be verified at the moment, the employment may be suspended and the decision on whether to hire the employee shall be made after the investigation is made. Any vacancy that has not been advertised will not be filled. Candidates should register in good faith. Those who give up after entering the physical examination, inspection and subsequent links, and fail to report for duty within the prescribed time with relevant materials without any justifiable reasons after receiving the employment notice, shall be disqualified accordingly and shall be recorded in the good faith archives. According to the & other; Open, fair, and fair. The principle of, strive to create a level playing field for candidates, ensure that the whole recruitment information, process, results open, recruitment information, written test, interview, physical examination, inspection and other work results to the public in a timely manner. In the work, accept the supervision of the community and related departments. To stop and correct in time the ACTS violating the cadre and personnel discipline and relevant regulations in the recruitment work.    

          Optional. Applicants for the city straight high school, according to the job recruitment plan, according to the written test and interview results, in the registered positions, from high to low points in turn to choose posts. Post selection time: conference room. If the post is not selected within the specified time, the candidate will be deemed to have given up the qualification automatically. If there is a vacancy due to the abandonment of post selection, the qualified candidates shall be graded according to the total score from high score to low score (the grading method is the same as the method for determining the physical examination personnel). Inspection. Qualified personnel shall be inspected by the recruiting schools. The investigation is carried out by referring to the examination standards for civil servants in Jiangsu Province, which mainly focuses on political thought, legal consciousness, moral quality, psychological quality and practical performance. After summing up the problem and deciding the direction, I comforted myself not to be flustered and rushed to success. All kinds of recruitment exams have been postponed in the face of the epidemic, so it will give me more time to improve and improve myself. Therefore, I buried my head and adjusted my attitude. While preparing for my graduation thesis, I also improved my job-hunting skills and working ability. Every day reading, writing reading notes, revising papers, practicing calligraphy has become the main content of life, this time is boring but reassuring. On the way to the examination, the public examination, I this "calf" is also everywhere hit a wall. As a manic person, I always made some frustrating mistakes, such as not knowing the conditions of registration, not submitting all the materials, not sealing the official seal, missing the time of registration or qualification review. The frustration of seeing the opportunity slip away from my hands made me sink into the deep remorse. So I will read the announcement every day important information and notes are copied down, so as not to miss the opportunity again. In the latest test application, I will control all of the material preparation is complete, all confirm cover official seal, or even make a phone call to the relevant personnel to consult a dozen times to confirm my application is successful, but even so carefully, I still failed to pass the qualification of the first round of screening, in the face of failure this time but I detachment many, because I am ready to go all out, at least in the face of the opportunity, I don't slack off, but actively, I see your change, will see the hope.  

        Personal commitment letter of family planning (to be submitted upon inspection). Name (limited to medical inspection, medical inspection, health inspection, health inspection, health inspection and quarantine, medical inspection technology, clinical inspection diagnostics, biological science, biotechnology, biochemistry and Molecular Biology). The written test will be conducted in a closed-book manner. See the admission ticket for the specific time and place. The written test subjects of public health and preventive medicine are the basic knowledge, professional knowledge and basic skills of public health and preventive medicine. The written test subjects of medical examination, biological science and technology majors are the basic knowledge, professional knowledge and basic skills of medical examination and technology, biological science and technology. Full marks for If the state has other provisions, such provisions shall prevail. If the applicants fail to attend the physical examination at the prescribed time and place, they shall be deemed to have given up. If the re-examination is required according to the regulations, it shall not be carried out in the original hospital for physical examination, and the re-examination can only be carried out within one working day. If any objection is raised during the period of publicity, the inviting unit and the competent department shall investigate and deal with the matter in accordance with the relevant provisions and draw a conclusion. If there is no problem or the problem does not affect the introduction upon the expiration of the publicity period, relevant procedures such as employment shall be handled according to the regulations. Those who have not obtained corresponding academic degrees in accordance with relevant regulations shall be disqualified for introduction. A trailing spouse. If the introduced doctoral students need to place their spouses, they shall do so by means of organization and transfer, unit assistance or personal contact according to the status and nature of the spouse's original unit. Those who were previously employed or did not have a job shall be arranged to work in a state-owned enterprise affiliated to the county. If the introduced postgraduate or undergraduate students need to find a spouse, and they belong to the staff of the government offices and institutions, the relevant provisions of Wulian County on settling the separation between husband and wife of the government offices and institutions shall be implemented in priority; Those who are in the enterprise or have no job are preferred to seek employment. Probation period of the civil servants (refer to civil servant law management institution staff) and the institution staff inside probation, active servicemen, reading of new graduates may not sign up (which, now studying in school and archives and the organizational relationships upgrading students, graduate students in the original enter oneself for an examination of the qualification, degree certificate). The main procedures of recruitment: Posting public recruitment notice, organizing registration and qualification examination, examination and qualification review, physical examination, investigation, publicity and employment. " . Enter oneself for an examination post requirement is specific major, can enter oneself for an examination only with this major; Enter oneself for an examination post professional requirement is professional kind, accord with the major of this professional kind to all can enter oneself for an examination (if: enter oneself for an examination requirement is economics major, only economics can enter oneself for an examination; Enter oneself for an examination major is economics kind, economics, international economy and trade, trade economy can enter oneself for an examination). Apply for the post requirements for undergraduate and above degrees, postgraduate qualifications for the application, postgraduate major and recruitment requirements major belong to the same professional category.

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